19900 Series
19900 Series Track
1-9/16" W x 1" H x .068"

track is an anodized aluminum extrusion measuring 1-9/16" W x 1" H. It is available in straight pieces (19901S) or curved pieces (19901C) customized to your requirements. All bends are formed with a 12'' inside radius. Lengths over 17' require the use of a splicer. The minimum distance between two 90° bends is 36''. Approximate shipping weight is 1lb. per 3' of track.

19920 end stop fittings are made of 16-gauge anodized aluminum. One is required at each end of a track for carrier insertion and removal when in the open position. They also function to stop the carrier when in the closed position.

19925 splicers are made of 16-gauge anodized aluminum and are used to align two pieces of adjoining track.

19915 Carrier Assembly
19901 track & 19915 carrier assembly shown

19915 carrier assemblies are designed for smooth reliable operation. The hooks are made of 1/4'' thread-rolled stainless steel rods that are permanently swedged at the top to prevent accidental removal from the carrier. Each carrier incorporates a 12-gauge stainless steel carriage, two 1/4'' diameter stainless steel axles, four machined aluminum wheels and four nylon caps to secure the wheels. One stainless steel washer fits into one 1/8'' nylon ring which applies pressure on the rail of the track and locks the carrier in place when turned.

Typical Track Configurations
Straight track is recommended for patient rooms.
Oval shaped track is recommended for operating rooms.
U shaped track is recommended for intensive care units.
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Typical Bill of Material
(for U shaped application)


19901C Curved Track
(1) 7' x 3' x 7' (U shape)
19911 / 19912 I.V. Bottle Holder Assembly
19915 Carrier
19920 End Stop

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