19900 Series
Salsbury Industries’ custom made cubicle curtains are fabricated from the finest materials. Curtains are reinforced at stress points to provide extra durability. The width of a curtain is a cut size. The height of a curtain is a finished size. Note that a curtain will not finish the exact size it is specified. It will finish within 3'' of the width and 1'' of the height. There is a normal and legitimate loss of goods in the manufacturing process due to the seaming of panels and the turning of side hems. Curtain widths should be approximately 10% wider than the track to allow for fullness. Curtains typically hang 12-15" above the finished floor.
Standard Manufacturing Details
top hem
side hem
bottom hem
vertical seams
1-1/2" wide triple thick double lock stitched
1/2" wide double thick single lock stitched
1-1/2" wide double thick double lock stitched
1/2'' wide double turned double lock stitched
rustproof metal grommets spaced 6" on center

is a soft and warm fabric designed for institutional use. It is the industry standard for cubicle curtains and is available in three patterns and many colors to match any decor. It weighs approximately 12 ounces per linear yard. It is inherently and permanently flame resistant meeting fire safety test NFPA #701.
Solid (click swatch for detail)
White Dune Eggshell Parchment
Wheat Gull Spearmint Forest
Blue Chiffon Powder Pewter Navy
Black Coral Peach Tea Rose
Windsor (click swatch for detail)
White Desert Wheat Ecru
Mint Sky Blue Slate Pacific
Blush Suede Mauve Petal
Staph Chek® Linen Shower Curtains
is rated as an inherently fire resistant fabric by major fire rating agencies. Its self-deodorizing properties make it ideal for shower areas. It is also bacteria and stain resistant, antistatic, durable, decorative, economical and never needs laundering. Curtains can be wiped down in place.
(click swatch for detail)
White Frosted Fawn Mauve Light Blue Mint Seafoam
#50 Nylon Mesh
tops can be added to any curtain for ventilation and/or to allow water spray where fire sprinkler systems are in use. The flame resistant 1/2'' hole mesh will replace the top 20'' of material and does not add to the overall height of the curtain.
(click swatch for detail)
White Bone Peach Green Blue Rose

19500 Privacy
Curtain Kit

includes the
components needed
for a patient
changing area:

19101C Curved Track
(1) 2'-10" x 2'-10" (90º bend)
19103 Carrier
19105 End Stop
19106 Snap Out
100% Trevira® Polyester
White Curtain (6' W x 6'-6" H)

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